Tracking. 3. (Feb 3- 10)


‘Tracking’ is a new thing to me when I first encounter this activity through my current publishing course. As far as I know about myself, I have not actually track anything consistently, monitoring, and reflecting myself before. Up to this point, I have been using the recommended application “TrackYourHappiness” on my course outline site. (Note: they have updated the method, which makes it easier than answering questions through emails, Yeah !)

Above is a short video that I thought would be a fresh sharing (not exactly about tracking happiness, but it is related)

Interestingly, the app I am using right now does not really have questions about how you spend money (on others/ yourself). It might be a good starting point for them to add more questions related to “spending money”.


IMG_0206 track3   It makes sense that I have reached relative happiest point on Mondays, Wednesday and Fridays because I have the most spare time during these days. It’s good to see that Thursday is rising; I find my art history course is getting more and more interesting (I am not good at history at all).

I have spent a lot of time in the library just because I don’t have to carry my stone (computer) everywhere I go, but I am able to access to the Internet. Good thing: exercising is getting into my habit section of daily life. Once again, in order to draw many bars/ restaurants/ locations in Vancouver downtown, I spend quite a lot time outside, especially hotel lobby.

“checking emails” is high, but I would assume that it would be one of the first couple things to do in the morning, and during the day.

IMG_0207 track 4  This section isn’t really interesting honestly. I just wonder why the “other relatives” in my interaction section could be that high!? possibly, my co-op coordinator??






IMG_0205 track43c  My sleep hour is increasing slowly, and it seems to have little effect on my happiness level, but it does have positive correlation. The quality does not seem to have stable connection; however, I do believe it influences the emotion in general.

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