Tracking. 7. (March 3-10)


Alright, I have something disappointing to inform you all. I find this tracking happiness is tedious, and it makes me depressed sometimes. ‘Sometimes’ means the past week, and it seems to continue this week. I believe it is my personal, mental state or something weird is happening, not the application itself. However, everyday when I wake up, my phone constantly reminds me to track my behavior that is related to ‘happiness‘. Thus, this leads to the term ‘over-focusing‘ (I invented?!), especially when the tracking comes to the classification (work, leisure, etc). For instance, when the subject is thinking about other person constantly while doing other things (homework, running errands, communication through technology), should the person classify the primary physical task as the factor, or the mental state that determines the rest of the survey? At least this is one example that might explain my situation where I focus too much on my mental state, and it results in the lower rating of happiness (in some cases, there is no fluctuation at all among dots).


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