Your wishes in Eggs

EPSON MFP imageSo here it comes the Spring, really.

Along with couple days of rain, the warmth came quietly. There is nothing much to say about Spring because I do not really like spring. Personally, I prefer extreme levels; I love summer and winter. However, I do like the meaning of spring.

In Japan, spring means a lot more than we think. It is the time when all students get settled into high schools, universities etc. Really, I have little knowledge of Easter itself in Western countries; it is related more complicated traditional, religious stories. Spring could stand for anything accordingly. It is the time when most university students look forward to the coming summer holidays. It is the time we re-adjust our new years resolution (because most of them do not work that well, I imagine), so it is a second start. It is the time we all miss the winter (even just a little bit).

Procrastination p r o c r a s t i n a t i o n …… I sketched a lot earlier than I expected, and I had nothing attached to them for sharing. Therefore, it is even harder to recall what I was thinking.

Paper. Ink. 14

I spent a lot of time reading children’s books and movies when I was in high school. I seem to continue to carry the interest, still. You might wonder whose children’s books I love the most. Certainly, I don’t really know all famous creators of children’s books; however, one artist Tomi Ungerer is my No.1 idol. For one thing, I read his books throughout my childhood, together with other artists’ books. Whenever I get the chance to visit Chapters, I would always spend some time in the children’s section. (NOW, ONE MAIN FUTURE GOAL FOR THIS SITE WOULD BE OPEN A SECTION FOR REVIEWS OF CHILDREN’S BOOKS) Children’s books are important, so are children’s movies. They make the foundation for kids in the future, more importantly, they are our ‘future’. Books provide the adequate speed for children to absorb knowledge and create their own thoughts; books contain messages from artists.

Here is one interesting TEDtalks which  gives the idea of the importance of children’s movies through speaker’s thoughts on protagonists in movies. The idea of leader should be implanted steadily, slowly in kids’ mind. A leader is someone with whom we could communicate and collaborate. A leader is someone who cares about others and share knowledge with them. No matter how advanced the technology would be, how fast we as adults run into the future, there would be a point when our children have to continue the ‘future’ for us. We cannot forget that.

Paper. Ink. 15

My friend recommended this place to me, so I did a sketch from a small coffee shop. Perhaps, at some point, you would pass by. Hopefully, you get to sketch one for yourself as well. It is like a photo; when we look back, we see the even of the day, the sweetness of the day, and the bits of ourselves. It could be just a taste of particular drink, a moment of happiness or a unexpected encounter.

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