Journal. 11. The Age of Participatory Media


Fireworks are the first image that came across my mind when I tried to imagine the title, The age of participatory media. More of us have the authority, ability and desire to share with the world, even if it has limited view for people. The impact could fly further; the sound could let me know there are fireworks, and I do not have to see it necessarily. I probably would picture some smile faces at that moment.

From Newspapers and thinking the unthinkable, I am strongly agree with the concept: “The ability to share content wouldn’t shrink, it would grow”. If we dwell on the expansion of publishing industry, we may be missing out other possibility of development as a whole society. Making something public (previous challenge for publishing industry) is no longer a problem. The issues come along with its freedom. And this freedom is magically grown on our desire to share.

It is also interesting to read the anecdote in paragraph 2. Certainly, I think it is worth sharing; it opens up more questions about policies, copyright, legislation, licensing etc. First, I think that the education of self-presentation through different methods (online, in print, presentation, group talks, public activities etc) is crucial. Future generation should benefit from current accessible tools to share things that they think meaningful. Proper ways of self-presentation is required. Second, I think it is more constructing to insert this idea to each industry, company and all: the ability to teach is the key for future, and the future is present. We absorb something each day. If WE ALL SHARE realistic, truthful, constructive knowledge with the world, we would be more passionate, honest and trustworthy. This is ideal world, of course. Economics and some business related topics limit this ideal world, and this is reasonable and acceptable. We all have to figure out ways to survive, and part of this deal is to support ourselves with money. A lot of times, this rule seems to be the only thing we could see on the road when the day is foggy. We know this, and they know this.

I cannot say more about this because I would be daydreaming. At least, here, I think the most important thing is education. A country is built on this, and the society is too. The world is built on education. I wish we all good luck to figure out something more functional, effective for our next generation.

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