You are worthy

How have you been? I guess I just want to share something here, and it might mean something to someone, even just one person.

I felt that there are people around my age didn’t grow up with the emphasis on ‘mental health’. For me, I had to google, watch a lot of educational videos to understand it. If there are people that are struggling right now just as troubled as I was back in uni, I just want to reach out and tell you that you are going to get through it, and the ‘bottom’ that you feel right now is not going to last forever, esp not all of your uni life. Of course, there are some tips that I want to share with you (I might update this list later):

  1. reach out to trusted instructor; there must be some instructor that makes you feel welcoming to share, and if not make it happen, book that office hour, and just talk. There is a reason most universities have health clinic, and all instructors should have school resources and experience in guiding students
  2. it is a good thing if you were sent to emergency room for a few days or even just overnight; there might be times you just need help from people to give you the perspective and reassurance that you look for, and it is a good thing, and I know that you might feel shameful. afraid, betrayed, annoyed, but these feelings are ONLY temporary, and they are definitely not the “priority” that you thought at the time
  3. book a longer appointments with your family doctor and talk about what you feel, or what you have been thinking. It will make you feel heard
  4. try not to drink a lot of alcohol, or if you can, just quit it.
  5. watch crime documentaries to change the mood from sad to something else (fear maybe), this trick helped me a lot when I was going through things back in uni

You are not alone feeling like this, and you deserve everything that you wish in this life. You are beautiful, and you are worthy of everything that life is going to bring to you. You deserve success, health, love, happiness, and all the great things that are meant for you to experience. Life is full of things that are mixed up just the way it should be for you, and you need to understand that. Without you going through some dark nights, you won’t be able to compare to the great things that yet to happen. You are not alone crying, and you will get through this.

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