Tracking. 6. (Feb.24-Mar.3)


Frankly, I think data collection is extremely boring, and especially I have to make something out of it after the so called ‘automatic’ tracking. I may not be the only one feels this today that tracking my behavior and somehow make something presentable and reflective is difficult. The key is not having difficulty finding the differences through comparison, but the representation itself through concise pictures. These ‘DOTS’ show some kind of graphs, and differences, but the more deeper interpretation is the obstacle. VISIT HERE.


tracking 6As my shifts at my work slowly increase (I don’t have enough time anyways for this semester at least), two things have been introduced under the section ‘What are you doing?‘: working & Talking/ Interacting. This leads to me the question about the number of things that could be listed at various locations, which might really affect users. If, the situation is reasonable, say, users start to feel the overlapped multitasking. How would this divide the contribution towards HAPPINESS.

The section of Productivity is really confusing, which bothers me a lot about how I am supposed to read the graph and understand the question better. I usually do not have clear idea when I answer such question (maybe, just maybe, it is too broad in a sense?)

The red circles indicated as additional navigation of my graphs are some examples that I want to discuss. I made this informal assumption: the frequency (‘How often?’) of selection should always have the positive correlation with ‘happiness’ level. Meaning? What does this mean? This indicate that I am not certain about where I should reach higher happiness level by selecting locations (Home, Outside, Vehicle). I may not always certain about cooperation would drop down my happiness grading by limiting flexibility such as schedule. Also, this reflects the ‘Are you along?’; interaction/ cooperation with other people means accomplishing tasks with others.

The self-classification of tasks, once again, is a tricky one because that may only suits individual data collection since the boundaries/ values are always personalized, unlike location section (outside is outside, indoor means indoor).

Lastly, the focus/ live in the moment mentioned in Tracking. 5. proves that living in the moment without mind wondering could have positive correlation with Happiness.

See this interesting NEWS CBC about twitters regarding feelings. Edmonton>> saddest city ?