Tracking. 12. (April 7-15)


The tracking schedule was confusing; the tracking. 11. was not the last one. A little bit early to publish the ‘Chain Ball‘, but it is okay. Lately, I found it hard to keep tracking once I stopped like one or two days; the unplugged relief is difficult to recover. It is almost like going back to start the new semester right after the last day of finals.

Anyhow, this last graph has become dreary. Up to this point, I have touched on related topics from TEDTalks, assigned readings, my own reflections and recommendations to the actual application.

tracking 12 finish

Last graph is identical to the previous one with some acceptable variations. For example, the frequency of saying ‘yes’ (focus on tasks at present, or jump ahead to see results) increased, but the happiness was not affected that much. Drawing annoying circles is simply another easy way out; showing something obvious does not help very much on the topic ‘Happiness’.

‘Lies’ happened sometimes; it is inevitable because sometimes I am not sure how I describe my feelings. Mostly, I would say I am pretty emotional with controlled mind. For instance, I would be overly excited seeing someone, but I would later analyze the activities I have done with that person (friend, co-worker etc). I know analysis of something emotional is not a solution. I guess living in the moment is the only way out; it is the only thing that could explain happiness.

Simple example: enjoying my time would be this formula: a bath + a smoke + ‘Gold‘ by Chet Faker = heaven

It is that easy. Looking at my data collection does not make me happier, but it helps me do some research by reading others’ opinions/ theories. The happiness cannot be generalized.

I will see you soon next week.

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