Tracking. 11. (March 31- April 6)

EPSON MFP imageThis is exactly how I feel about tracking behavior of myself.

I believe there are many chain ball ‘DRAGGERS’, expecting to see some qualified, quantified results @ extremely low speed (Low speed ≠ accuracy; at some point I (we all) postponed doing surveys, answering questions, reflecting from past actions)

I have seen my classmates & friends tracking coffee consumption, tracking Google search, hours of sleep, fitness. And, I always appreciate that we all continue doing some sort of action together to the end. Hardly could I imagine being able to complete this tracking report. However, we made it, and we did learn something valuable. First, I learned how hard it is to keep a technology-based tracking report daily. Secondly, I learned to watch more related materials through YouTube channels and TEDtalks where speakers may touch on this topic (tracking behavior & happiness). Third, tracking pushes myself to do summary and organized my graphs that make sense to my audience. Fourth, I know about what to complain on the application that I am using. There is a lot more to learn. Through no easy way do these examples come up in my mind.

t11 finishMy happiness basically flows around 60-80, which is funny; happiness can be ranked with numbers.(I wonder how influencing it’d be if it reaches 100 to us? Do we feel good by looking at the number 100?)

Once my violin instructor said to me that he thought this tracking action was silly because happiness cannot be ranked, and I agreed with him, totally. But that is the beauty of it; the trying everything we could to draw a picture of ourselves is fascinating & encouraging. Happiness cannot be ranked, categorized; moreover, it cannot be shared (the feeling of happiness would always be second-handed; only we know how happy we are/ were). Looking at our behaviors on graphs, we organize stories around it, and wrap them with strings. Finally, we put them into package (post) to the world. It is just bits of us to share with others.

It is this huge, golden chain ball that inspires me to share thoughts, video clips, and sketches with all of you. I appreciate this. And, I can say that I like to be more honest with myself.

The future tracking has been decided. I would love to share with this idea in my last essay (stay tuned).

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