You are beautiful


How are you? I hope you all have a good night so far.

I just want to talk about mental health tonight, and I want to share something about myself, hopefully this can help even one person that gets comfort and reassurance. There are many people are struggling with mental health in school, at work, volunteer, at home etc. Many have diagnosed mental disorders, and others can share overlapping signs and symptoms. I just want to say that you are not alone.

I, too, have my own mental health/disorder struggles. There are days that I feel like walking backwards, unable to focus in school/ work/ over-working, feeling like people around me dislike me and hate me. There will be days that you have all these irrational thoughts. But, you are so strong and beautiful, and you have so much to offer to the world.

There are so many feelings and emotions that you are having right now are temporary, and I know it feels like ‘forever’, but it is not going to be. I just really want you to know about that. I have cried every night to sleep, and I felt exhausted and so small. But, there are days I feel very okay, and I feel I am able to study, work and contribute. It comes in like waves. You and I just need to learn to ride with the waves.

When the pandemic happened in 2020, I was isolated, lost my job, and lost. That was also the year I got my diagnosis with one of very stigmatized mental disorders. I still need to manage it everyday, in school, at work, at home etc. It is hard, but I just want you to know that you are not alone. You are definitely not alone, because you know what, how would scientists and researchers trying to understand so many mental disorders if there were not many people have them?! There are so many people like you, struggling, getting through day by day.

You are beautiful, resilient, powerful and strong! All those tears will eventually worth it, and all those lonely nights and hard work will pay off. You are going through another night, and tomorrow the sun will come up again, and it can be a good day!! If not, another day will be.

I love you all, and I hope to talk to you soon.

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