Pink lady is here. The Spring.

Lately, I have been overwhelmed. Overwhelmed. Overwhelmed. Overwhelmed. Overwhelmed. [This is actually how it should look like, considering Typography. If not, I suggest that you could imagine the scene from The Shinning (HERE): “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy“.

School work, friends, social life, personal space, family time, part-time job… Really, it is not a huge list but there is a lot to do if I sincerely want to learn something overtime.  Past two weeks, I was really frustrated with a potential friend of mine. Regardless any kind of relationship topics, I found myself lack confidence, and in return, I found it hard to think about what I have accomplished, compared to other person.

I turned to sketching again. SKETCHING, SKETCHING, SKETCHING, SKETCHING,Sketching.

Sitting outside around Canada Place , I feel the heart-warming sunshine. He sometimes moves around like a child playing hide and seek. He gives the cold and the warm through second difference. I see Spring, walking in pinky high heels, independently, strongly and proudly. After all that coldness.

People in suits, and they seem like black ants when I look down from the top of hotel buildings.

People are crossing the streets, talking through cell phones, picking up phone calls, eating and drinking. Every second, every moment, makes me want to sketch the flow. I t  i s  n o t  p o s s i b l e, o r  i t  i s. I believe the latter. I tried to catch the spring, probably you are doing the same thing.

Paper. Ink. 10

Tip: Strong colours would sometimes indicate feelings that saturate artists the most at that particular moment. The cherry blossom is pink, creamy white, and it looks like the colour of candy floss (the pink one). It is not cherry pink that is bold and fresh; however, it reflects the message I want to deliver. That’s why I used it instead.

I learned a lot from my friend, and I guess it is just because he is older and has more experience in life. Somehow, I feel a bit jealous that I cannot see things that clear enough. But, I really glad that I have sketching as a tool that provides me personal space to rethink, reconsider, re-judge, re-criticize, re-organize…

Note: The Georgia Hotel feature is postponed due to certain reasons. But, it would be up soon.

Did you catch your spring in your own way ?