Journal. 10. Marketing and Audience

EPSON MFP imageAlright, let’s take a look at ourselves:

What have we been writing/ posting/ sharing consistently? What have we been thinking about we could accomplish here? That is right, I would imagine my developing my websites for the rest of this year, and I would really like to see what I could do.

When it comes to ‘promoting myself’, I would often find myself with little confidence to speak/ share. Regarding we have done during the lecture, we did ‘speed dating‘ in the form of ‘one-on-one’. Within very short time, we all have to select key points (selling points) to the other person that is completely new to our sites. The purpose of this, I would see it as a oral summary test of websites. We reflect from what we have been trying to tell the audience.

Eventually, presumably, it is the expense/ investment issues. (Let’s just take a look at my friend’s website for a market potential purpose. And I am not professional, more of a second opinion.)

First of all, subject’s website is clear and concise. The picture definitely captured my attention to read more. There are more potential group projects (his colleagues, classmates) may raise his site’s voice to the audience, which would increase the traffic. Advertisement would play important role by using unique pictures and photos.

Secondly, I cannot continue to say more. SO, I searched something online that would help us. <<HERE>>

Basically, it is unclear what subject would like to promote more in order to put the so-called funnel in front of his project/ product. However, I learned that we all have to do a pretest in order to get better actual image of how product attracts the audience within a limited space. Eventually, we all have to pair up with other fantastic, talented people who aim for the same thing (selling products) in order to maximize our potential.

Remember the assigned TEDtalks, The Tribes We Lead, by Seth Godin? We are tribes with tons of ideas. We have to be those who want to connect with other tribes. With passion, we make the effort, jump as high as we can to make the ideas spread all over the place.

I believe that regardless the range of your active circle, we all make a difference among people around us. That is pretty impressive already.

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