Out of options this week?!

First of all, I have to say “Happy Valentines’ Day” to you all. Hopefully, you and I have tasted the chocolate today/ tomorrow.

This week is kind of boring; nothing new place is discovered to be featured in my blog. I guess it is not fair to say that I am running out of options to sketch in this rainy city -Vancouver. There is always one place or two you would pick randomly to sketch again and again. It is actually a terrific way to refresh your old eyes on the same view you remembered.

Sketch (Paper. Ink. 8) is completed later, based on the photo taken on Burrard ST, Downtown Vancouver. A Monday during the reading break, with the rain drops seemed to fall nonstop, but it did not.

As I have mentioned before, it is very difficult to sketch sometimes due to various reasons. Previous post introduced you two techniques you could use at the scene. This time, I would like you to try taking a picture of the sightseeing/ view, and sketch it later as references. Sometimes, I find it challenging to present the sketch based on the broad image.
This sketch is not particularly interesting, neither the infrastructure nor the pedestrians. The ‘black & white’ sketch does not show the all building (without more selected spacial relation).
Colour use is the perfect final weapon to polish the sketch, or eliminate some weakness. I don’t know the specific explanation, but I think the focus is changed due to different colours.

To some extreme levels, it is hard to explain exact ways of sketching to new learners. I think it is important to figure out individual techniques that you are willing to utilize later on.

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