Talk about lazy techniques, try them out!

I am appreciated that you all show up again, or perhaps this is your first time visiting my site.

For this week, I am going to ask you to try our some lazy techniques of sketching (especially when lost interest to finish the whole view, and it happens 2. you have limited time)


Sketch (Paper. Ink. 6)

The whole picture is taken on campus (Simon Fraser University, Burnaby, BC) in Vancouver, and obviously it is unfinished, if it means to sketch the whole artwork (I forget to write down the title. I will update soon). The key point here is to show you how I finish the bottom part by using random lines, lazy technique I use often. The boundary of one particular object depends on artists’ feeling; if you will, think about a thought/ opinion you come up quickly, but not able to explain at the moment. Sometimes, it takes several times to sketch the same object well to satisfy yourself.  In my case, I had limited time sketching prior to my lecture that day.

Sketch (Paper. Ink. 7)

This piece is really done out of my expectation; I was waiting for a friend way too long in the restaurant, and that’s why sketching took over (Ah huh). To be short, two lights from the ceiling are actually far away from the bar table. This means that I could not sketch it in a proper order/ arrangement if you will. Being lazy to express the space between the table and ceiling, I rearrange/ redraw their positions instead.


Book, “The Art of Urban Sketching” by Gabriel Campanario is highly recommended if you are interested in more tips from artists. Here is one example, and perhaps my following blogs would consider using techniques from book, and explain them to you.

(the splash of interest makes the point)*

IMG_2760 blog 4


“If you’re just doing a quick sketch, try splashing just a little colour at the point of interest. It is not necessary to get it all -just hit the focus and draw the eye to what attracted you to that particular location” –Marc Holmes

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