Journal 4. Consistent work with speed and quality

During the lecture, my instructor has decided to give constructive criticism on our websites, which turns out to be quite interesting on the big screen in lecture hall. Some questions such as ‘would you read further, regarding this about page?’ has been raised. I think, if I am stating correctly, context and visual effects would be probably come up in my mind when I read through other people’s websites.

From “A Day in the Life of a Digital Editor, 2013” by Madrigal (2013), I have noticed many things that I could not imagine in real life of mine (just because it is difficult to picture several situations as one digital editor). However, there is one thing for sure that effort really requires consistency, speed and quality. Hosts should be able to provide consistent context through different potential forms of content in order to reach out to the audience. I think this article once more proves what my instructor suggests before and its (course) outline; consistent posts with quality sets the pace of the developing website. Up to this point, I think I have much better understanding how each word matters.

Through Google Analytics, it helps me better understanding the page views together with other crucial data such as bounce rate and session rate.

Note: the optional updates for the selfie lab show is on my site.

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