Selfie-Lab show

Location: my powder room.IMG_0832 about

Straight eye-level taken in front of the mirror. It reminds me of the reason taking this: I just got hair cut and made it ready for the new semester in 2013. Not really a good smile anyways, according to my mom.



IMG_1983 selfie5Location: sofa, home.

This one I am certain about the month: July. The reason is that the postcard is from my mother and sister. Last year 2014, they went back to Taiwan and China for two moths, and I spent my birthday with myself. It was a birthday card from them. It is always nice to receive something with actual written words, always.


IMG_2524selfie 4Location: my bedroom, home.

Honestly, I have no idea why I took this one through the reflection on my computer screen. No filter is added. I guess, I was bored or tired when preparing the final exams, 2014.



IMG_2731 selfie 2Location: sofa, home.

I am pretty sure this is taken in January, 2015. Well, this, technically not a full image of selfie, but it will do: selfie with my baby: Kuro (‘black’ in Japanese, くろ or 黒). He was very tired, and he shouldn’t because he has been sleeping the whole day. He is a 8-moth old cat, without a tail. My family adopted him from the hospital when he was 6 months old.


IMG_2673 selfie 1Location: my bedroom, home.

This image is taken for sake of taking it. I was tired in bed, thinking about a new way to take a new picture for my facebook as the new image for 2015; the old image has been on the site for a long time. The magazine I am holding is TIME, one of my favourite magazines. Sometimes, there are some interesting sections regarding arts and movies.

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