Tracking. 9. (March 17-24)

track 9 finishTracking, tracking, tracking. Sometimes, I get bored by receiving the same questions.

Occasionally, if you use the new application they created not long ago, you would get questions like “Have you participated sexual activity in the past 24 hours?”, “What time did you go to sleep, and when did you wake up?” and some other potential questions that may not be triggered yet. Frankly, these sensitive questions should be asked more often. I think there are more constructive graphs that could be developed in more interesting ways.

These graphs (again, I took productivity out just because it looks almost the same with previous post) look pretty much the same. Oval circles focus on the frequency and the most happy I have felt for past week of monitoring. In this case, this post seems to get shorter and shorter without any surprising findings. So, I just want to point out two things that may be improved for this particular application. First, you could see ‘other’ without specific categorization in some sections. But, it does mean it stands out alone without any influence. For instance, both “How would you categorize what you are doing” & “What are you doing” sections show its fairly influential on the happiness achievement. Often, I forget what that stands for. Certainly, it means something, and it could be better to allow users to enter the words. But, again, during the lecture, my classmate mentioned the questions about the keywords separation. e.g. ‘other’ could be at college/ high school/ university, these should be automatically drawn into the same circle -school. Without this, it may show poles on the graphs, which does not seem to be convincing. Second, regarding the sexual activity question, I honestly recommend there should be more related questions when it comes to happiness. This relates to more relationship issues/ thoughts that we all think over and over again on daily basis. How could this application miss out? (or I should say, application should not let questions to be hidden; they may be triggered by other questions)

I do believe, furthermore, this application would work better not just by tracking ourselves, building up our awareness, but providing talks like TED talks. For instance, videos/ talks like this ONE may be classified into the area that leads to the news/ knowledge brought through this application. This is a new way of shaping our opinions/ ideas when we answer questions in the future.

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