Tracking. 8 (March. 11-17)


This may be a interesting sketch of ‘tracking’. Allow me, I just put something sounds so abstract and genuine impression of ‘tracking’. Tracking about myself has to be as honest as possible, and I have noticed that sometimes it becomes less accurate when I delayed to answer the questions immediately (I believe most of the time, many of us find it difficult to talk about how we feel). I have noticed that these questions that I have been answering for almost three months do not change the way I perceive ‘happiness’. In other words, I could definitely reflect on graphs, thinking about what I have been doing lately; however, I could not change/ improve it. The key would be building up my awareness of ‘happiness’; I tend to appreciate more. For instance, when I look at whether or not I did things with others, I would think back on how enjoyable/ satisfied working with others, even just a little bit more self-recognition from peers. Alright, lets take a look at what I have for the graphs.

Track 8 finishPerhaps, you would notice I took out the section of ‘What are you doing’. It is almost the same, and I think it would be interesting to talk about ‘productivity’ which I have figured something out of it.

Those large oval blue circles indicate the highest frequency of answer in different sections. According to these graphs, again, I spent a lot of time at home, doing something we could at home such as making a cup of tea, and enjoy it. Those small oval circles are those indicate the highest level of happiness in different sections. Again, those are correlations; frequency and high level of happiness do not necessarily match, but they do have influence on each other. From last three sections on left column, I am happier when focus on current tasks and collaboration with others. I was surprised about these graphs too; for a long time, I have been thinking that I am very shy person that only prefers working on my own. But, now, from these tracking graphs, I start to notice that it is not true (true, it may depend, but my initial extreme assumption is just wrong). Red circle shows the increasing frequency of ‘leisure’; maybe, I have learned how to relax a little bit when stressing out?!

Yes, right, the exciting finding of ‘productivity’. The curly line shows a bad indication if my graph was shaping to be like that (for now, it is not). For now (because it is still progressing, it may just be a corner of my graph for long-term purpose), my graph shows that the overall high frequency matches the higher level of happiness. In my case, ‘creativity’, ‘efficiency’, ‘effectiveness’ are three main things when I answer this question. This leads to a funny talk from Ellen DeGeneres. One thing you would notice is the common word -‘procrastination’. The fact that instead of actually finishing this post, I am searching for something funny from Ellen’s talks couldn’t be better describing ‘procrastination’ here. The upside of this graph: generally, I am happier when I am doing something creative, effective through efficient ways.

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