Tracking. 5. Feb.(17-24)

Track 6Thoughts

The idea of tracking my personal happiness is just weird at the beginning, but it makes me ponder the question such as ‘are those data make sense’ and ‘what related topics I could share with my audience’. The living in the moment seems to be the idea of the creation of such application. Killingworth‘s research project at Harvard University gives me a better idea of the reason for and how this application works. I would assume the conclusive statements may not be discovered (infinite definition of happiness individually). Broad concept would help, though.


The past week was stressful for couple reasons at school, which makes me more motivated this week. Eating and watching television seem to make me happy, which probably is typical. Productivity (I always have a hard time to assess this) seems to be related to my artwork sometimes (I guess). It raises my happiness level through relative high frequency. The question, ‘jump ahead of what you are doing?’, is related to the mind wandering mentioned in Killingworth’s video. I am happier when I am focused, which reflects his idea as well. Leisure time (self-classification) seems to take the control of my happiness as well, or I might be over-thinking when doing whatever I defined as ‘work’. Certainly, that would make a difference when categorization guide varies. As usual, I spent most of my time at home, work and school. Working with others, and interacting with my families, friends do make a different on my happiness level. I am convinced now. Perhaps, it is difficult to see the difference, and even sometimes I would THINK I would be happier if I work on my own, I find that I am happier when I work with others.

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