Journal. 6. Your product explains itself

Lecture: Feb 24, 2015

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From ‘50+ Web Ways to tell a Story‘ by Alan Levine, I learned that, indeed, the content production has become much easier than before. Here, I have a surprising example of my grandmother. Grandma started her Facebook account a few months ago, and she is 84 this year. Of course, she got the account through my aunt’s help, but she is able to interact with her families (us). I was really surprised and happy for her.

The lecture was interesting, which introduced us about how many ways to increase traffic of websites. For instance, the social media use is crucial because it creates the potential to reach out, connect people in general. In Formosa’s article, ‘In a New Marketing World The Product is the Message, he explains two revolutions: television and internet, and how they have impact on us as consumers. Past one-way interaction from companies to consumers through print media, television and ads were persuasive, and I think they are still. However, the emergence of internet developed the new arena where consumers could interact with the companies by writing reviews for instance. Information is more open in the public. The imbalanced financial problems between products and ads (which is supposed to deliver companies’ promises, ideas that are qualified through actual products) seems to make the ‘U-turn’. Products explain themselves; the product itself is the medium, and it delivers the messages from the companies. It is like saying a painting explains itself because the notions, emotions, ideas are buried within the painting by artists already.

The data collection about ‘reading level‘ by Shane Snow is magically interesting. The content, in this case, is what and how we write through websites. It is the product, and it represents our own brands that could consistently grab audience’s attention. Sophisticated, highly educated writers could choose to create content that is perplex by explaining it through simple ways. Their capability certainly will not be underestimated by doing so. I think this actually proves that they could simplify large chunks of complex content by giving examples and explanations. A lot of times, I think educators and people who are wish to teach certainly will not be happy if their audience could not understand their messages. Their responsibility is to deliver the content successfully; well explained content as writers’ product would explain itself.

Design goals:

  • introduce artists related books that could increase my creativity
  • perhaps, there is a better way to manage my sketches by using certain plugins
  • Monitor my Google Analytics, and try to ask questions as many as possible to understand them
  • The layout of website such as my widgets may be re-organized
  • ask my friends through social media to increase the traffic
  • the Instagram Plugins may be modified to better level

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