Tracking. 10 (March. 24-31)

tracking 10 finish

Before we get into the ‘Happiness Tracking’, I want to do something nice here (perhaps); being one referent for my friend’s website. THE LATEST

She is tracking interesting behavior: Google Search online. I hope that at this point you have been there already to take a quick look.

Speaking of being tracked online, Tech Tips: Facebook Ads, Tracking and You, published last year would give us a quick summary about the topic. The best we could do to prevent being tracked is to unplug the string to the networks. Try out the tips (if you have iPhone like I do, try the ‘Privacy’ setting out).

However, in a basic general sense, I find tracking is useful, but tedious at the same time, especially when it requires accuracy and patience. When tracking becomes a unwilling thing to do, I think the accuracy would drop dramatically (but it does give you some feedback too; it is completely useless for sure). In these last few days of Spring semester, I find it hard to click the button of the application on my phone to do the survey. Most of the time, the randomly set alarm for survey does not capture current mood precisely. I tried to take a note (I am Happy on the bus/ Skytrain), and got home to answer questions (no WiFi, no current mood record; simple failure for the phone without data).

Again, circles indicate frequency and highest reached level in charts. I spent a lot of time doing work (homework, reading, seemed studying etc). At home, there is not much to do but sketch/ paint/ daydream. Spending time with my mother & sister, I am sure happier than just hanging out without reasons by myself. Interaction?! Yes, I have some; I talked to my classmates, my friends, my co-workers and eBay (this surprised me; I do not shop online usually, but I did past week).

‘Productivity’ section has always been confusing. One thing here, again, the correlation is not obvious, but I could say that if the ‘U’ shape with open side to right, it is not a good correlation. That would mean: We are not happy with low frequency of being productive. Fluctuating line is common, I guess.

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