Tracking. 1. (Jan13-27)


From my public tracking page, there are different graphs that are categorized clearly with distinct lines such as “want to/ have to ” and ” what are you doing” categories. This makes it a bit silly, but I do understand there is a specific difference between them. The first two weeks as testing weeks, and I have noticed that such category the application divides give me the space to think about what I am doing, and do I want to/ have to.

Track1track 1btrack 1c


It is not surprising that my Sundays, Wednesdays and Fridays score pretty high because I have planned to reserve a lot of time to prepare my portfolio for my program application, and extra time with families and personal hobbies such as playing the piano/ violin. For this semester, indeed, I am satisfied with it. Where I sent my time is being posted to the public, to be honest, is a little bit tricky at the beginning; when I answer the question, I thought about lying, but then there would be no point tracking my behavior. So, yes, I have spent a lot of time wandering, sitting at the bar, and watching people coming and going. It is actually interesting when I spend the time imagining what topics people are talking about. Often, sketching is always on my top list when I wander around downtown area, Vancouver.

Apparently, data speaks the truth; reserving spare time as I have planned for this semester meaning spending more time with myself and families. The ‘ what are you doing’, ‘outside’, ‘alone’ and ‘interaction’ sections give the reflection perfectly. I stay at home mostly, doing what usually people choose to do such as home computer, watching television, and painting. I must say that I deeply feel I constantly thinking about what to draw/ paint, and where I should go and obtain some extra materials to support my work. For the first two weeks, interactions with families at home, with strangers at restaurants/ bars are basically fill my graph, for now. I am looking forward to meet more my classmates, old friends and share my experience with them too.

Regarding my sleep sections, I remember one article (reference unclear) I have read before suggesting that seven-hour sleep gives the best quality, and necessity for most people. One comment to myself: at least, my six-hour sleep and quality could reflect on each other, and it is closer to that seven hours (mentioned by unknown).

The productivity section, honestly, I have no idea what it would turn out later on. I will keep it in my mind.

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