Journal 1. Identity in cyberspace

The profound scream from Christopher Knight :” With no audience, no one to perform for, I was just there. There was no need to define myself; I became irrelevant…” really leaves me a thought about this publishing course (cited in Finkel M. The strange & curious tale of the last true hermit. 2014. p 5). It’s really an era where people could present themselves in the cyberspace 24/7, and other parts of the earth would see what they have published, review, and criticize it.

There might be a time where I thought the network is the place I could shout out loud whatever I prefer. But, it is no longer the case. It is a place, more specifically an opportunity to present myself to the world by interaction, communication, reviews etc. As I have mentioned above, the meaningless of standing alone among people in cyberspace, one could have no identity; the completely isolated one-member tribe does not carry the ability to receive/ deliver comments to the outside worlds.

I take this publishing course as a great chance to explore as a speaker in cyberspace, looking forward to find my audience who would interact with me. As Godin (2009) pointed out in “The tribes we lead“, the importance of leaders who could spread ideas that the audience would crave for forever. The idea behind this, I think there is a huge amount of effort we are looking forward to; the power from the audience exist, and there are tricks to lead that energy out to support the ideas of changing the world in various fields.

In “A personal cyberinfrastructure“, Campbell (2009) suggests that the process of building personal cyberinfrastructure would help students, educators to grow together by exploring desires, ideas, opinions. Instead of figuring out what professors prefer, I think students/ educators/ learners should really rethink what they desire to accomplish, if they are given a platform to develop as speaker from nothing to the completed, polished, targeted product.

In a short closing, the identity of myself would be gradually discovered through my current publishing course proceeds, together with other online speakers.


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