Tracking. 2. (Jan27-Feb3)


Tracking is not easy, and I am stating this obvious point because it takes consistency and patience. Data collection has to be reliable, reflective, and also hopefully people can reason it. From ‘The quantified self‘ by Gary Wolf, I learned one fact and one interesting point. The fact is that technology provides many device for people to track their ‘everything’. Interesting point: Although we may not be clear about what results/ conclusions would be drawn from data, we track, and collect even thousands points of data.

track 2cIMG_0200 track 2track 2b


Weekday section looks like almost the same; days when more free spare time seem to give me more happiness?! (I should ask myself that how to increase the happiness level during school days/ workdays. I guess two things include sleep quality and motivation) I would try go to bed early next week, and see how it goes.

I am glad that new location emerges: library. I spent quite a lot of time in the library after class in Vancouver. Also, I find it more convenient to use than computers on Burnaby campus (I wonder why?). I try not to bring my laptop because it is heavy, seriously.

It is surprisingly to find out high frequency of my checking emails. However, it is understandable because I set emails as my primary contact way than facebook or twitter. But, I have to say it is annoying deleting emails.

Sleep quality is a question mark for now. I do know that I sleep late, but it should also indicate that happiness would decrease, based on many people’s sayings (e.g. sleep well, do well, that naturally leads to happiness, I assume).

Still, I have no idea about the productivity; it is the only graph has the weirdest point. help me out online readers (laughter).

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