The Lovely Bones

Sometimes, I get really picky about movies such as soundtrack, story basis, time line, and casting. This particular movie carries one fundamental emotional support towards to movie.

A movie tells one young girl’s afterlife, hoping, wishing the best to her families, friends and all. A young girl’s emotion progress: angry, lost, devastated, understanding, hopeful.

It is impossible to picture how a family could be affected by the tragic loss, and of course, people could possibly use lots of adjectives to describe. But, deep down I cannot imagine unless I experience it.

There are two equally distributed powerful interactions: Susie Salmon (daughter) and Jack Salmon (father), Susie and George Harvey (neighbour)

Susie is around, always, watching her families, especially her father. At the same time, some dark moments flush back into Susie’s perfect world, reminding her of the murderer Harvey, her neighbour who still lives around her families.

Note: the book has more content about Susie’s mother.

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