Sunny Sunday for a family day

Sunday morning turned out to be super sunny. Although I was supposed to have my violin lesson, I canceled in order to take my mother & sister out; we don’t spend a lot time outside together, really.

Granville IslandFeb 15 2015

This is a place where we often choose when we have time together on the weekend (when I don’t have to work, of course.) A fantastic day: I found a parking space immediately when we got there; this does not happen a lot, especially on weekends. I brought my sketchbook as usual, and we spent the whole day here. It was a great feeling. The sketch (Paper Ink. 9) was done during the day, including the colouring. Sometimes, street performers often pick the busy time (lunch time) to perform when most people sit around and have their food.

Sketching among people is certainly fun; it’s like a competition with yourself sometimes, and it could get you confused when there are so many things to sketch right in front of you. But, anyways, this is a good try to put something on my website. One disadvantage I want to share is no flat surface for your sketchbook. BUT, I think the randomness and distorted lines can alternatively reflect what you perceive and understand the view in front of you. Spending time with families makes me happy, and it is important that you balance your time that is shared with others. MOREOVER, IT IS PRECIOUS TIME SKETCHING WITH OTHER ARTISTS AND ALL.

Here, I want to link my blog to urban sketchers, a special website in which you can learn various tips/ tricks/ ideas of sketching cities around the world.

Tip of the week: Trust your eyes, sketch direct observation confidently on paper, and enjoy every single line created by your hand.


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