Sketchers, it is worth a try

The rapid development of technology is unpredictable, and the only feeling I can describe to you now is the awkward moment when standing among people, sketching the building in front of you. I was, at least many times as one young adult sketcher, pretty shy, uncomfortable. I believe that this is also related to the confidence level, regarding sketching in public.

However, it is worth a try, each time, and every time.

The more you sketch, the more comfortable you are with your pens & brushes.

These two sketches( left, right) are accomplished with watercolour brushes and waterproof sketch pens (mostly 0.3mm and 0.2mm). HERMÈS fashion brand has particular attractive colour combination right at the intersection. It reminds me of Japanese 折紙 (Origami) which people use for traditional paper crafts.


Left: traffic navigation (Burrard st & Alberni st) is easy to spot the location in downtown area. The paper interior installation is demonstrated through square lines with similar graded colour use. The corner store is selected directly towards the logo of HERMÈS.

Right: The ‘T’ shape of Alberni ST naturally shape the selection of city screen. Micheals (art & craft store) is just couple meters away from intersection. This sketch, to be honest, I am not completely satisfied due to the complexity of building blocks. The key touch point is on the Canadian flags, which would brighten the image a bit more.

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