Journal 3. Continuous recording?! Digital archive

From lecturer Nadel, I am happy to hear from his comments on comic posters with words that are in limited space. I believe that it is one powerful tool to present the artists/ voices. Nadel’s introduction of the use of animal cartoons with political views really expresses himself throughout the lecture.

From “The Book as Artifact“, the importance of human traditional way of storing photos, books, for example, is well revealed. With current technology, we tend to post a comment/ store picture online where we feel the physical existence. The emotion is left out (Nadel, 2011). This reminds me of myself using digital camera: I often say to myself that I would go and get these photos’ physical ‘bodies’ this weekend, but I seldom do it, imaging the long-term, ensured ability of keeping information through my life.

This leads to “Syndication-Oriented Architecture : a Solution to Problem of Coherence” by Groom (2013) where he introduces the wild description and explanation. The example of academic IT system did not really catch my attention, and I would say I was lost at the beginning. However, when he starts to talk about digital archive that exists in the future, or in hypothetical situation, I get really excited. As his suggesting, hoping, I would believe that there is one method of building digital archive where it allows interactions with others, and long-term coherent artwork of our lives.

From this particular point, I think if more students, future learners would have better idea of presenting themselves online such as Facebook and Twitter. Universities/ colleges do not offer this ‘course’: how we could present our life artwork professionally. But, I would believe it might be a time to do so. One cannot be blamed for his/her misbehave online just because he/she has no idea the professional way of presenting the life of record.

note: What do you think about the digital archive?

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