You are…

I want to create something that would be something special memory here.

You are special person to me, and I wish that it is the same for you. We met here, remember? We click right away. The first place we went together is here. We spent the summer of 2017 wildly, yes like this.

You helped me through my hardest time. I would never know what I would do without you at that time. You, it is you changed my life tremendously, you made it colourful for the rest of time I spent with our beloved school.

We also fought couple times, but we always found ways to fix them. And, I’m glad we spent time together highs and lows, bumpy road, but we made it to Corona Time (LMAO).

I wish you happy birthday, and I wish that our friendship stays bitchy together ! (I’m not allowed to use bad language on here right?! but you get the gesture).

Promise me we should do this together (dancing, girls’ night , pleeeaseee)

Any case, today you are sad, just in case, this is the song you would listen right now ! (I mean, right now)

Love you,