The intouchable

The Intouchable‘, a french directors’ amazing product, is based on a true story. Having watched this movie for at least 5 times, I would definitely, strongly suggest every one to watch.

I would not give you detailed information about it for sure; that would be disappointing. There are things I want to point out once you have seen it. It is definitely not a sad movie, but a inspiring movie that would change your thoughts of many little things in life. Everyone has his/ hers own stories such as family background, education, mistakes, sadness; however, it is important share some with some people, and understand others at the same time. Continue reading “The intouchable”

Eyes on screen

Digital screen attracts people’s eyes; young eyes and old eyes.

First, I have to be honest here, saying that I am not that extremist who refuses to use social media applications, read online articles/ news. It is essential, and necessary to pick up some headlines on daily basis, based on this fast pace society.

On a bus.

Two people got on the bus, holding their phones. I assumed one was reading because of his serious face, and not much of thumb movements. The girl must receive something was associated with ‘love’ because she was smiling at her screen. Their eyes were on the screen, all the time.


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