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Artist: Lana Del Rey

Ride Video

This video was the first song that caught my attention, and further purchased her released albums: Paradise, Born to Die, and Ultraviolence. It is her magical lyrics that grab audience’s souls. No doubt, the composer put the effort to write lyrics that would present her as an artist the best.

I am not that big of a fan that would chase after her concerts, news, even rumors. Songs that can be largely produced with quality would definitely leave no space for audience to the personal life of artist; listening to the music and lyrics is busy enough.

In this video, director gives her past voice to create the echo of this piece of work. Some can still see the world where strangers’ kindness might give people the most true happiness/ kindness. I do believe that spontaneous moments or even just a short/ long conversation with a stranger can saturate one’s heart with tremendous happiness for a fair amount of time.

I do purchase the whole albums of certain artists that I love and appreciate, simply because I do want to hold the printed version of lyrics that would give you the time of absorbing, understanding. Digital print gives the variety of doors to the source we are looking for, but the physical product somewhat holds the origin spirit of artists the best, and I would continue hope so.

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