Tracking.7. Differences of the same

It’s been a while since the last post on here. The archive that I have been doing so far works very well and I enjoy it a lot. Flipping my tracking archive, I learned a little bit more about myself.

How exactly do I expect this online archive to work? Sometimes, I cannot answer it on my own. I guess, there are just so many things that come out spontaneously. I take what people say to me seriously most of the time, even if it does not make sense to me right away. I believe that it has to do with their views on certain subjects. I struggle a lot when I decide to switch my academic education. I always thought that I was looking at bigger picture: I thought I chose medicine, and one day I would be able to make decent amount of money that I can support myself. And, that was the original reason. In return, I focused on study a lot without having fun at the same time. I didn’t really do much when I was younger when I was supposed to try things to explore. Happiness did not come.

Now, I am really appreciated that I met some people in Canada. Sometimes, it was really bad, unexpected experience. Other times, it was magical. This is how people grow. I finally realized this. When we meet people, we would change a little bit. It is not about how much we are affected by others; it is how much we are willing to change ourselves.

The last thing (101) in the book named 101 things to learn in Art School states:

not every art school graduate becomes a successful artist

I think it is worth sharing here. It would suit every field of study. A biology student does not necessarily become a successful biologist. A law student may not become a successful lawyer. We all acknowledge this statement; however, I think sometimes it makes many of us frustrated and anxious. I guess this is the beauty of life; we all try our utmost for something that is in our mind sometimes, and occasionally it may be covered by snow. It becomes so hard to see what was there, and it seems one brand new page for another SOMETHING.

Note: “sh*t” here is the strongest base in life. That is our routine, our passion, our own space and time. We need a safe place to sleep; we need some money to support ourselves; we need friends to talk to; we need conversation on daily basis… This is the same thing that is happening in different day. I think our goal is to find the differences of the same thing, and little happy things do happen daily.

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