Tracking.4. Lolly.

For your convenience, a title of work would definitely help. As before, this tracking has been fun and challenging.
At the same time, I hope you enjoy some of my posts.

A good patient trusts assigned doctor or nurse to complete procedures. Some questions, not too much, have to be clarified. Absolute trusting face cannot be shown. But, kindness and wishes surely do the work. Appreciation in the end.

Incomplete sentences are nonsense, and this I know. At least, those fragments were there when I did this piece.
Here is a really inspiring quote cited in Cieplak-Mayr von Baldegg’s work:

The greatest illustration is not mere decoration
but succinct accumulation of creative demonstration
and ratifying observation of the intended subjectation
with alarming innovation and shining punctuation …

Sometimes, I question myself ‘am I really an artist?’ or ‘how far can I draw the line?’. Most of the time, I struggle to choose mediums. And, watercolours just happened to be my top choice that I love so much. I believe that there are certain messages can be hidden well enough, but not too challenging to be seen.
September, I am starting my studio-based classes. I am hoping to discover other mediums to demonstrate those ideas in my head, sharing with others.

I will see you soon.

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