Tracking.3. Obsession of Words.

I am not sure if this makes sense that sometimes I cannot explain my watercolour pieces well. Subjects are chosen at the very moment; it could have been other things and colours. Perhaps, it is supposed to be this way.
I’m pretty sure that there was one video of TEDtalk where the speaker says that we regret more about something we didn’t do than those we did.
It is a matter of decision making.

At some level, we connect each other, or I should say we do imagine. Imagine ‘what if’ situations. We wish to meet some people again soon. I always keep postcards and letters from my friends, and I would read them from time to time. Every time I interpret them, and I believe that I do can create something that is meaningful to someone around the world.

Sometimes it is hard to imagine the future: Whom will I become in 10 years? Dan Gilbert speech is inspiring. The only constant is the ‘change’, and we are meant to learn that through life. We are not finished yet, and we are meant to be excited about ourselves in the next 10, 20 years.


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