Tracking.13. Letter

It’s late; it’s about 11 pm. It’s getting there -2am, slowly and steadily.
Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me by Mindy Kaling is the first book that makes me laugh, literally on skytrain to work. Her writing is magically honest and warm at the same time. I definitely recommend this book to all.(Note: I was actually surprised that I bought this book since I have been looking at it for a while). The result was fantastic.
Here is one great example:

…The actual popular girls have boyfriends, and, by that point, have chilled out on intense girl friendships to explore sex and stuff. Not us. Sex? Forget it. JMLP had given up on that happening until grad school.

This paragraph, I literally laughed with tears (little exaggerating here).
You might wonder why I use a lot of body parts in my tracking sections. The reason is that I find it amusing every single time I complete one. Somehow, I expect someone to appreciate that kind of pornography art (I imagine sometimes). The other day, I moved into basement of my parent’s house. Relocating my collected postcards from friends overseas, I read them again. I felt different; unlike my friends, I didn’t do much about my social life, really. I do enjoy going out alone, exploring some new drinks or just Irish coffee. But, this comes to the end. It is not funny any longer. Guaranteed happiness (I made this up, perhaps someone created already?) should be drinking at home where I have my lovely washroom, comfy bed and seat. Occasionally, I do imagine inviting friends over to drink and talk a little bit.
Anyways, this tracking. 13. comes from my neighbourhood. Heading back from work, I heard someone was talking to his families. Apparently, they might be heading to the airport, travelling to their vacation destination. Postcards. It is one of my favourite collections, especially the distance they covered in order to get into your hands.

I believe everyone has some sort of collection, secretly. Personal stuff? Bottles? Tea cups? Beer caps?
See you soon, and be well!


  1. Tremaine says:

    I’ve taken up a slow collection of Beer Growlers from local breweries. I’m not interested in the logos, but the actual style of bottle. Plus it gives me a reason to drink a lot of new beer!

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