Tracking.1. Obsession of Words.

It’s been a while since the last post. There are two main reasons. First, the new proposal of tracking is difficult. I should say challenging. The proposal has to last long enough for a series of collection. Secondly, I have been stressing out about life, and me, myself as a person (I chose not to discuss personal issues because I think some of my posts would work just fine).

I believe everyone has own obsession of words, whether it is from movies, books, journals, magazines and (most likely) others’ mouths. Words itself is a weapon; once an idea is established, whether it is based on comprehensive, solid or scanty evidence, it sticks with you. Every time we go back, and we think we are moving forward, but it is still there. It stays there. It might be beneficial, toxic or painful.

So, through almost two months planning on this tracking topic, I decided to track people’s words. Simple enough right. However, it takes time and energy (also, sometimes, I need some tears to take key things down on my paper).

The format is going to be concise, and here I am hoping to open the frame for everyone to relate and think. I wish everyone could take something from it, and that is my goal. I believe that our obsession pushes we to make another day, another yesterday, to wish and hope to get better.

Everything ends. I was told by a special friend. And, if my friend did not walk through it with me in person, I won’t be here starting this first tracking. I used to think there is a point between short-term and permanent where we should have been more happier. Now, I think it is not the point; it is about making a choice to try or not because eventually things end, and we will face the end.

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